img_0457Paola Vais

I have been practicing mindfulness meditation and attending retreats for a number of years. My personal experience of the many benefits of mindfulness and the belief that mindfulness is an accessible way to live life more fully has brought me to train as an MBSR teacher with the german based Institute for Mindfulness based Approaches (IMA) completing my training in 2012.

My willingness to deepen and explore different approaches to mindfulness lead me, in 2014, to attended a Breathworks workshop for MBSR teachers – as soon as Vidyamala Burch led the Connection meditation I knew that I had found something special, and decided to train as a Breathworks teacher. I completed my training in June 2016 and am now an accredited Breathworks teacher.

I offer 8 week MBSR courses , 8 weeks Breathworks Mindfulness for Health courses, day long workshops, short retreats and introductory courses in the West Cork area to groups and individuals.

I adhere to the good practice guidelines developed by the Mindfulness Teachers Network, Ireland and to the UK good practice guidelines.


The photos on this blog are taken by me, unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use any of images, please credit it with a link back, and if you want to print them please feel free to do so. For any images belonging to others, please contact the owner of that image and ask their permission.

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